Multi year evolution of ice in caves through a photogrammetric approach

December 11th, 2020 Andrea Securo, a student from the Department of Mathematics and Geosciences of the University of Trieste succesfully defended his MSc thesis "Multi year evolution of ice in caves through Sfm-Mvs (Structure from Motion - Mukti View Stereo) and GPR techniques" with an outstanding score of 110 & lode (UK 1st class Honors)

The Tutor was Dr. Renato R. Colucci, scientist at the Institute of Polar Sciences (CNR) and Adjunct Professor in glaciology at the University of Trieste, supported by 2 co-tutors from the University of Trieste, Prof. Emanuele Forte and Dr. Simone Pillon.

The entire thesis was carried out to study the multi year evolution of permanent ice deposits in caves through a combination of photogrammetric techniques. This was done in three different caves where different ways of ice building and air circulation are actually acting. The results obtained in this thesis might constitute a starting point to a better quantification of ice volume reduction occurring in alpine caves under global warming scenarios

All the details and outcomes will be very soon summarized in a scientific paper now in preparation

in the picture below, Andrea is acquiring images of a permanent cave ice deposit

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