New sampling in the Leupa ice cave

The scientific activities of C3 and CGEB are proceeding intensively while the Fall season 2018 is running fast. October 3rd we flew to the entrance of the Leupa ice cave for a new sampling campaign after the extraction of the cryogenic calcite performed in Fall 2016.

We then came back now to try new dating methodologies thanks to the cooperation of Heidelberg University (Germany) and the Austrian Academy of Sciences, as well as to set a couple of new monitoring stations with different targets.

It was a good opportunity to download our dataloggers before the winter begins, and to measure the evolution of the ice topography which is still shrinking rapidly... more or less 5 cm of ice have been lost in the upper part of the ice deposit in the last 2 months, confirming the abrupt negative trend started in 2014.

We'll be back soon with the short clip of this intense 2-days-long expedition in the Julian Alps together with Renato R. Colucci (National Research Council, Italy, lead partner C3 project), Pascal Bohleber (scientist, Heidelberg University and Austrian Academy of Sciences), Daniela Festi (scientist, Innsbruck University, Austria), Sonya Manzan (bechelor student, Department of Mathematics and Geosciences, University of Trieste, Italy), Riccardo Corazzi (Eugenio Boegan Cave Commission, lead partner C3 project) and Michele Colucci (video making).

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