ICE CAVES - 1st Edition

The C3 project contributed to the realization of this huge work with the Chapter 19, dedicated to italian ice caves. 750 pages, Copyright:© Elsevier 2018, Ice Caves will be published December 1st, 2017 and is Edited by Aurel Persoiu and Stein-Erik Lauritzen

Ice Caves covers various aspects of ice occurrence in caves, including cave climate, ice genesis and dynamics, and cave fauna. It's a comprehensive overview of the paleoclimatic significance of ice caves, including over 100 color images of ice caves around the world. It has been thought for earth and environmental scientists, speleologists, paleoclimatologists, geographers, glaciologists, microbiologists, and permafrost and karst scientists

Ice Caves synthesizes the latest research on ice caves from around the world, bringing to light important information that was heretofore buried in various reports, journals, and archives largely outside the public view. Ice caves have become an increasingly important target for the scientific community in the past decade, as the paleoclimatic information they host offers invaluable information about both present-day and past climate conditions. Ice caves are caves that host perennial ice accumulations and are the least studied members of the cryosphere. They occur in places where peculiar cave morphology and climatic conditions combine to allow for ice to form and persist in otherwise adverse parts of the planet. The book is an informative reference for scientists interested in ice cave studies, climate scientists, geographers, glaciologists, microbiologists, and permafrost and karst scientists.

All information available at the Elsevier web page

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