GPR survey in Paradana ice cave (Trnovski Gozd, Slovenia)

Few days ago we completed another goal of the C3project, the survey in the Paradana ice cave (namely Velika ledena jama v Paradani)

The other goal was indeed to work one day with cool temperatures escaping from the hellish heat wave is affecting Europe ;)

Previously done in 2004 by slovenian colleagues, ice thickness measurements were since then never repeated. Now we could compare results unravelling the evolution of this ice deposit in the last 13 years. The melting has been severe in the first part of the cave, close to the entrance, and slovenian colleagues explained how the ice was at least 2-3 m thicker only 5 years ago.

The thinning appears to be less dramatic in the inner part, where we performed the radar survey, but of course GPR results will give us the exact and detailed magnitude of the reduction.

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