First expedition on Julian Alps, C3 is started

The C3 project officially started last week with the first expedition in the Julian Alps.

The main target was the collection of ice samples intercepting the CCC layer as well as sampling other small ice-cores in other parts of the ice deposit for datings.

Everything went well, all the targets reached and the logistic worked very good thanks to the very good coordination between the speleologists of the CGEB (Commissione Grotte E.Boegan) and scientists. The 2 teams have been brought at the cave's entrance by helicopter and the ice samples finally stored in the dry ice and transported to Innsbruck freezers.

Participants of this first C3 expedition:

Renato R. Colucci (CNR-Italy)

Marc Luetscher (Innsbruck University, Austria)

Riccardo Corazzi (CGEB-Italy)

Savio Spartaco (CGEB-Italy)

Arianna Peron (MSc student-Italy)

Barbara Bertozzi (MSc student-Italy)

Marco B.Bondini (BSc student-Italy)

Manlio Roseano (mountain rescue team and video shooting direction-Italy)

Davide (video shooting support-Italy)

thanks also to Margit Schwikowski of the Paul Scherrer Institut in Bern (CH) for the logistic support

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