Cooperations and Sponsors

Società Alpina delle Giulie, Italy

Commissione Grotte E. Boegan - Sponsor and Lead Partner

contact person Dr. Mauro Vigini and Mr. Riccardo Corazzi

Dept. of Earth System Sciences and Environmental Technology-ISMAR CNR Trieste, Italy

Climate and paleoclimate research group - Scientific Lead Partner

contact person Dr. Renato R. Colucci, PhD

University of Trieste, Department of Mathematics and Geosciences, Italy

Exploration Geophysics Group (EGG) - Scientific Partner

contact person Dr. Emanuele Forte, PhD

Insubria University, Department of Theoretical and Applied Sciences, Italy

Climate Change Research group - Scientific Partner

contact person Prof. Mauro Guglielmin, PhD and Prof. Nicoletta Cannone, PhD

Innsbruck University, Austria

Quaternary Research Group - Scientific Partner

contact person Dr. Marc Luetscher, PhD

Palynology and Archaeobotany Research Group, Institut für Botanik

contact person Dr. Daniela Festi, PhD

Cà Foscari University Venice, Italy

Isotope geochemistry laboratory - Scientific Partner 

contact person Prof. Barbara Stenni and Dr. Giuliano Dreossi PhD

Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland - link

Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry - Scientific Partner 

contact person Prof. Margit Schwikowski, PhD

Bologna University, Italy - Dedicated M.Sc thesis project

Thermodynamic modeling of an ice cave in the Eastern Alps

student B.Sc. Barbara Bertozzi

contact person Prof. Silvana Di Sabatino

Geological Survey of Slovenia, Slovenia - link

Electron microscopy laboratory and geomorphology - Scientific Partner

contact person Miloš Miler, PhD and Manja Žebre, PhD

Parco Naturale delle Prealpi Giulie, Italy - link

contact person dr. Stefano Santi - Sponsor and Logistic Partner 

Institute for the Dynamics of Environmental Processes - IDPA CNR Venice, Italy

Chemical Laboratory - Scientific Partner

contact person Prof. Carlo Barbante, PhD and Dr. Jacopo Gabrieli, PhD

Milano Bicocca University, Italy

EUROCOLD Laboratory - Scientific Partner 

contact person Prof. Valter Maggi, PhD

Comunità Montana del Gemonese, Canal del Ferro e Valcanale - link

Sponsor during MONICA

BoFrost - link

Sponsor and logistic support during MONICA

Heidelberg University, Germany

Institute for the physics of the Environment - Scientific Partner during MONICA

contact person Dr. Helene Hoffmann, PhD

University of Trieste, Department of Life Sciences, Italy

Electron microscopy service - Scientific cooperation during MONICA

contact person Dr. Francesca Vita, PhD